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Raleigh Scuba Lessons

Congratulations on taking the first step! Our Raleigh scuba lessons are well organized and designed to make the certification process fun, safe and fit your schedule as best as possible. By simply being on this page, you are already asking the right questions. Scuba diving is a fun, safe and, even though it sounds corny, transformational. At least that's what I thought the first time I heard my instructor say it. Several thousand dives later, I can assure you it's absolutely true. Scuba has changed the way we see the world. It's amazing to venture into a world where almost everything you see and experience is new to you.

Learning how to scuba dive is a straightforward process. There are 3 steps involved; Signing up for elearning/classroom education, filling out waivers & medical questionnaires, and in-water training. We pride ourselves on conducting in-depth water training sessions to develop your core skills. You only get your certification once so being thorough with your training is vital.

diving is safe, enjoyable and easy to learn. All it requires is a small time COMMITMENT.

The Process





In-water training


As with any organized sport, there is paperwork. While diving is a safe sport, there are certain medical conditions which can be exacerbated by diving. Therefore every diver must answer a brief medical questionnaire before beginning our scuba lessons. Answering yes to a question isn't the end of the world, as many times the follow up questions clear you. At worst, we may require a physician sign off before we get into the water.

Signed waivers are also required to start your beginner scuba lessons. Every dive agency & instructor has a paperwork requirement to complete prior to training.

Both forms shouldn't take more than 10 minutes to complete. Start by clicking the button below.

The first step is often the easiest but hardest, at the same time. To become a certified scuba diver, the first step is signing up and arranging for the classroom/elearning portion. Scuba diving give you the ability to visit a completely foreign world, and that world has a set of rules that is easy to understand, but does require some education. I like to compare it to driving. If you'd never seen a car, a road, road signs or anyone ever drive, you wouldn't last very long on the road. Our instructors verify your elearning completion, your test scores and review anything you have questions about (or missed on the test) to insure you are ready for in-water training.

While everyone learns at their own pace, this is generally a 4-6 hour process.

Now we get to the fun stuff, the reason you signed up in the first place, we get to go underwater! Before we start your in-water training, we need to fit you with your personal scuba gear. This consists of your mask, fiuns and snorkel. Please contact us to setup a private fitting appointment.

In-water training is done in 2 sections; pool & open water. You start in a shallow pool while you learn basic scuba skills (breathing underwater, clearing your mask, clearing your regulator, etc). This is for safety so you can stand up at ANY point if you aren't feeling it. Once you have mastered that, we move you into a deeper pool (10') to work on skills like buoyancy, swimming, etc.

After you master your skills in the pool, we move to open water. This is done in the ocean or, most often, in our local quarry. This is where you show off your skills to the instructor, and learn a couple more. It's also where you get your first glimpse of being a true diver; hanging out with the fish and checking out a brand new world.

Pool sessions are 3-4 hours each (you have 2) and open water sessions are 4-5 hours (you have 2).